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What else does Arbor Doctor do?
Along with providing the best Oak wilt treatments on the market Arbor Doctor offers many other great services.  Including:

  • Emerald Ash Borer prevention
  • Southern pine beetle treatments
  • Spraying for spider mites, aphids and other leaf sucking pests
  • Injections for boring insects
  • Treatments for all fungal diseases including rotting diseases
  • Applying anti-bacterials for bacterial leaf scorch
  • Proper testing and fertilizer application for trees and ornamentals
  • Injections for canker diseases
  • Consulting for homeonwers, associations and businesses
  • Writing arborist reports for cities, insurance, and court hearings

We do not offer trimming or removals but work with some of the best tree services when it comes to removing your dying or dead trees.  Contact us today and ask us for the best referrals.