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Do I have oak wilt?
Oak wilt effects all species of oak trees but does not cross into other non-oak species.  Though other trees have diseases with similar wilt names.  Oak wilt like all wilting diseases are fungal diseases that affect the living tissue of the plant.  Though it may seem like a simple thing to diagnose this disease has different characteristics on each kind of tree.  In most cases though the end result is very similar.  This fast spreading disease causes quick leaf drop.  Often an entire tree is observed to loose most of its leaves in the matter of days. 

Some pictures are added below to show you some of the different symptoms of oak wilt in different species of oak trees.  You will notice some leaves turn brown completely and others the veins of the leaves turn a red color.  The far right picture is most often the case in trees in the state of Texas.

Staining of living tissue from Oak Wilt fungus
Leaves turning brown in a red oak
Leaves of many species of oak trees (red veins)
What should I do?
Your options are based on where oak wilt is in relation to your trees of value.


Remove trees that show effects of oak wilt.  Explore treatment options on valuable other trees in the general area.  Trees within 25 feet often cannot be treated with any success.  Often removal of nearby trees will aid in spread of the disease.  Chemical treatment to valuable trees using a brand that has been proven effective in treating oak wilt.  We have found arborjet products to be the best option for treating oak wilt.


Start treating valuable trees on property with chemical treatment found to be successful in treating for oak wilt.  We have found most success using Arborjet products.  Possible trenching between neighboring units may also have some success.


Keep an eye on your trees in your area that get oak wilt.  Watch how it spreads from year to year to figure out when it is the proper time to start treatments on trees.  Treating your tree too early will be costly and unnecessary.  Understanding how the disease spreads and how quickly it moves from tree to tree will help you make the right decision when it is time.

Why choose Arbor Doctor?
Experience matters when it comes to plant health care.  Who you trust with the valuable assets in you landscape will be crucial in the look of your outdoor space for years to come.  With over 25 years of experience in the industry owner Bryan Gilles knows everything about your plants needs.  His knowledge of trees covers the entire west side of the United States.  His devotion to making sure your trees are healthy and safe from disease cant be matched. 

He is a pesticide applicator in 3 states and has been  a ISA certified arborist for over 6 years now.  A master technician with many systems including Arborjet, Arborsystems, Mauget and many others.
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