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Why Arborjet?
The process
The results
Arborjet is the industry leader in plant health care.  Well what does that mean? 

Using the best in technology arborjet is above and beyond any other process in the industry.  The techniques involved give applicators a safe environment when working with dangerous cheimicals.  More importantly it give you, your loved ones and family pets a safe outdoor environment right away.  No waiting or keeping little ones away from an area.  The method keeps the chemical inside the tree and is the most green method of treatment when using these harmful pesticides, fungicides and anti-bacterials. 

The trunk injection method used gives the quickest uptake and best method to know your application will be correct.  This gives us the best chance to save your tress.  Arbor Doctor only uses the methods and chemicals that offer the best results on the market.  There are other options on the market that will provide some form of protection but after switching systems several times Arbor Doctor has settled on using Arborjet products for most of its applications.
The process of trunk application is pretty simple.  We often relate it to going to the doctors office to get a shot.  The only difference is that a tree doesnt have a circulatory system like humans.  Instead they need several shots around the base of the tree and work a little more like a sponge. 

Step one -  Selecting the right size plugs for the job

Arborjet offers two different sizes of plugs for different sizes of trees.  Proper selection will allow for a proper installation and will allow the tree to grow with no damage to the trees structure or living tissue. 

Step two - Selecting best points to inject and drilling holes

Finding areas that don't have decay will allow for correct installation of chemicals.  Also staying clear of knots and other abnormalities will keep the chemical moving up the tree to protect it.  Drilling into the tree should be done into the living tissue of the tree.  This will force the chemical to move side to side and cover more area so the entire tree will be proptected.

Step 3 - Installing arborplugs

Using a arborplug setter the plugs are set into the holes that have been drilled.  If the plugs are not set to the correct depth the tree can compartmentalize the caps inside the tree.  If they are set too shallow the chemical will come right back out at the applicator. 

Step 4 - Injection

Arborjet offers many different levels of systems for low volume to high volume applicators.  We only use the viper system by arborjet.  This air pressurized system allows for fast and precise applications to trees.  The picture to the right shows the injector for the viper system in action.
Arborjet has some of the best results on the market for many diseases including oak wilt.  This along with its chemical Treeage allow for in some cases 100% success rates on controlling diseases and insects.  Along with carrying some of the best fertilizers and nutrients on the market Arborjet is a force to be reckon with in the plant health care industry.

Using Arborjet we have seen incredible results and have put aside many other systems and chemicals to focus on the great results that arborjet products offer.  We do not represent Arborjet in any way other than purchasing and using their products on a daily basis. 
Propizol by Arbojet (used for control of oak wilt)